“When there is no vision, there is no hope.”

                                                                           – George Washington Carver

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Ever since 10th grade I have read countless articles on the issue of child marriage – however my focus shifted to Turkey in the beginning of my 11th grade year.

I witnessed an occurrence which taught me that this issue is widespread, and it is not only happening in villages in Anatolia that live in poverty.

That experience was what prompted me to start this community, where people can come together and join forces to end this issue that is happening all over Turkey.

However before I could take action, I had to do some research.

I discovered that people were not as aware of the distraught occurrences in Turkey regarding child marriage as they were with other countries, and changing this was my first goal.

Moreover, there are uncertainties in Turkish Law & Regulations regarding age of marriage, and that was when I found my second – and most significant – goal: to eliminate these uncertainties.

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I’m seventeen years old and according to one version of the Turkish Law, I can marry. One version. The Turkish Law seems to have many versions allowing marriage at 16, 17, or 18 years of age. This uncertainty is part of what allows there to be so many lawbreakers. We believe there has to be more specifics when it comes to this issue. We want more people to know and obey this law in order to prevent child marriage in Turkey. That is why we started this project. Personally, I have always been aware of this issue but never known what to do about it. This is us, doing something about it.

We want this site to be a platform that raises awareness about child marriages and its effects. We want to use this site as a way for us to raise the voice of child brides and make sure that their stories are told. Considering that there are around 25,000 child marriages occurring every day, we have many stories to share and there are many voices in need of being heard.





Please show your support for our project and share your thoughts about the issue by using the hashtags #hesnotyourprincecharming, #stopchildbridesinturkey.


They Need Your Help

Click the link below to sign our petition in order to eliminate the uncertainties in Turkish Law regarding the age of consent for marriage and make your contribution to our cause of ending Child Marriage in Turkey.

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